Spring Advising

Advising for Spring 2016 registration begins on Monday, October 17, 2016, and will continue through Thursday, November 5. Registration for Spring 2017, begins on Monday, October 31. Your registration time is determined by credit hours earned. Check the registrar’s website for registration times.

The link for course descriptions for Spring 2017 are below. These include courses originating through GIAS and courses offered by other departments that may apply to the INTL Major/Minor and for the minor in HGHR.  While the Islamic program is not accepting new students, we will continue to support students currently enrolled in this programs so that they can complete the requirements.

Advising Appointments:
Individual advising appointments will be 15 minutes each. You can see any of the advisers listed below, regardless of who your assigned adviser is. You should complete a preliminary review of your remaining requirements and identify prospective courses before your appointment. Course sheets will be available on the bulletin boards outside Macy 103, or inside the office.

Advance signup is necessary; sign-up sheets are now available inside Macy 103. Appointments must be made at least one day in advance; you should sign up early as there is limited time available. Appointments must be made in person; appointments are not accepted by telephone or e-mail.

Students currently studying abroad may email Dr. Houck (cwhouck@uncc.edu) for advising assistance.

Advising Options for Pre-Registration:

  • Dr. Chernotsky (Hickory 25B)
  • Dr. Cobarrubias (Hickory 23A)
  • Dr. Cox (Hickory 23B)
  • Dr. Dalsheim (Hickory 24A)
  • Dr. Green (Hickory 36B)
  • Dr. Houck (Hickory 36A)
  • Dr. Khoury (Hickory 25A)

Ms. Valvo (Academic Advising Center, Fretwell, 2nd Floor)
Ms. Valvo is an academic adviser with particular knowledge of International Studies. Those of you fairly certain about your remaining INTL requirements or registering primarily for General Education courses should strongly consider an appointment with her. She is generally available every day, although you should also sign up in advance in Fretwell and identify yourself as an INTL student.

Important Information:

Students in International Studies:
Students registering for more than one INTL 3000 (Topics in International Studies) course will need a permit to do so. This is one of the components of the BANNER system. Vicky will be able to issue electronic permits. You will need to specify the CRN number, exact titles and section numbers of the INTL 3000 courses you are wishing to take so that she can enter them into the system. As is the case for all courses requiring a permit, once the permit is entered, students must then register for the courses themselves.

We will again offer three sections of INTL 1101 in Spring 201. We will not be holding out seats so be sure to register promptly.

We will be offering three sections of INTL 4601 (Senior Seminar). Students seeking to take the course must get a permit to do so. Permits for this course will be issued after you have been advised.

Undergraduate Students in Islamic and HGHR Studies: Advising for students in these programs is coordinated through the Department of Global, International & Area Studies. While a number of faculty affiliated with your respective programs have indicated a willingness to continue to provide guidance and advising support, they may ask you to come through the Department for your official advising.

Spring 2017 Course Descriptions

Spring 2017 Internional Studies Courses

GIAS Minors Spring 2017