Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies, Minor

The interdisciplinary Minor in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies (HGHR) consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours, including a 3-hour introductory course and 15 hours divided among subjects in Holocaust Studies and subjects in Genocide and Human Rights Studies.  

HGHR 2100 (INTL 2100) /  Intro to HGHR Studies is required, but is not a prerequisite for anything; and: it does not matter if you enroll in the HGHR or in the INTL section. Either way, it counts toward the Minor. Intro to HGHR Studies is offered every semester, and once (online) in the summer.

This Web page is the only place to find a complete listing of courses that count toward the major; you will not find them by scrolling through HGHR courses on Banner, which only lists a handful of our classes. Contact John Cox (jcox73@uncc.edu) for more information.



Spring 2019 classes that count toward HGHR Minor

Spring 2020 classes will be somewhat similar.

HGHR 2100 (INTL 2100)    Intro to HGHR Studies    MWF 11:15-12:05    Cox

Holocaust Studies

HGHR 3050-001  The Final Solution in Europe   T 2:30-5:15   La Pietra

HGHR 3050-090 (RELS 3000-090)   Legacy of the Holocaust   T 5:30-8:15   La Pietra

HGHR 3050-007 (MUSC 4007)    Music in the Holocaust    MWF 10:10-11:00   Grymes

HIST 3147    The Third Reich    TR 2:30-3:45    Lansen

GERM 3650-001  The Holocaust through German Literature and Film  MW 4:00-5:15  Werbeck

GERM 3650-002  The Holocaust through German Literature and Film  TR 1:30-2:15  Potrykus

Genocide and Human Rights Studies

HGHR 3050-D90 (ENGL 3074-D90)   Refugees in Literature & Film   M 5:30-8:15   Minslow

INTL 3003-C01 (POLS 3030-C01)   Human Rights and Conflict   TR 11:30-12:45   Khoury

INTL 3003-E01 (POLS 3030-E01)  Extremist Ideologies & Politics of Terror  TR 11:30-12:45  Valenta

INTL 3002-A01 (HIST 3003) The US-Vietnam War and the Global Upheaval of the 1960s/1970s MW 2:30-3:45  Cox

HIST 2002-A02    Children in War and Conflict    TR 1.00 – 2.15    Lansen

RELS (AFRS 3050-003)    Rituals of Race and Racism in America    MWF 12:20-1:10    Robinson Moore

RELS 3230-001 (HIST 3000-A02)  Race, Religion and Murder    MWF 11:15-12:05  Robinson Moore

AFRS 2161-001 (HIST 2161)  The African American Experience: Civil War to Civil Rights  TR 10:00-11:15    Linker

WGST 2050-001  Gendered Islamophobia and the Media  MW 2:30-3:45  Agah

WGST 3155-001  Disney: Gender, Race & Empire  TR 11:30-12:45  Bauerle

WGST 3220-001  Feminist Thought  TR 11:30-12:45  Byrd

WGST 2050–002  Topics in Women's Studies: Critical Race and Feminist Theories  MWF 10:10-11:00  Paquette


    Summer/Fall 2018 classes:





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