Director of Center: Dr. John Cox, Associate professor, Departments of Global Studies and History


Research and teaching interests: The Holocaust and comparative genocide; Racism, fascism, and imperialism; Working-class & labor history; Resistance and social movements. My Ph.D. is in History (UNC-Chapel Hill, 2006) and I am affiliated to our Departments of Africana Studies and History, and also to our Latin American Studies program. 


Center for HGHR Studies steering committee

Dr. Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau, Associate professor, Department of Languages and Cultural Studies

Research and teaching interests: Women in literature; Immigration in literature; The Holocaust in literature and film; Translation.

Dr. Danielle Boaz, Assistant professor, Department of Africana Studies

Research and teaching interests: Dr. Boaz’s research focuses on the structural racism ingrained in domestic and international mechanisms protecting civil, political, social and cultural rights. The bulk of her work addresses the legal proscription of African cultural practices in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the modern day impact of those laws on public perceptions of these practices. 

Dr. Emek Ergun, WGST (Womens's & Gender Studies) and Global Studies

Dr. Ergun's research focuses on the political role of translation in disrupting local heteropatriarchal economies of knowledge and connecting feminist activists, texts, and movements across borders, particularly between the US and Turkey. Dr. Ergun recently co-edited Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives (Routledge, 2017; currently being translated into Korean) and is also a co-editor of Feminist Theory Reader: Local and Global Perspectives (Routledge). She is an activist feminist translator and her most recent translation is of Octavia E. Butler’s classic science-fiction novel, Kindred, published in Turkey in March 2019.

Dr. Ella Fratantuono, History

Dr. Fratantuono's research focuses on migration, settlement, governmentality, and state-building in the Middle East and Southeastern Europe. Her current book project explores the emergence and development of a centralized migrant and refugee regime in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Ottoman Empire. Her most recent article, “Producing Ottomans: Internal Colonization and Social Engineering in Ottoman Immigrant Settlement,” was published by the Journal of Genocide Research in January, 2019. 


Professor Judy LaPietra, Department of Global Studies

Master of Arts, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Gratz College, 2018; Certificate, International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, 2007; Master of Science, Queens College, City University of New York, 2001 with Concentrations in Secondary Education, History. 15 years experience in Holocaust education and research; leads our Annual Holocaust-themed Study Abroad to Germany and Poland, 2013 to present. Prof. LaPietra has earned Fellowships at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and organizes educators' workshops for the USHMM.


Dr. Gregory Mixon, Professor, Department of History

Research and teaching interests: Black Southern State Militia Companies, 1865-1910; Racial Violence 1865-1930; Race Relations; Black, Southern, and United States Urban History; Progressive era; Comparative History, especially United States South and Latin American during the nineteenth century.

Dr. Julia Robinson Moore, Associate Professor of African-American Religions and Religions of the African Diaspora, Department of Religious Studies

Research and teaching interests: Intersections of religion and racial violence in national and international contexts. Specifically, I am fascinated with the ways in which religion has often been used to justify acts of racism, racial violence, and terrorism in local and global contexts.

Professor Jillian Wegner, Instructor of Languages and Culture Studies and HGHR Studies

Wegner holds a Master's degree magma cum laude from La Universidad para la Paz in Sustainable Peace with a concentration in media studies. At UNCC, she has taught both in-person and online courses in global connections focusing on media and peace and arts & society film with an emphasis on social justice issues through foreign films. She has also worked in the non-profit sector for human trafficking lecturing at over 75 schools, organizations, and businesses throughout the country. She is currently working on a children's Holocaust book.


Affiliate Faculty of Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights Studies

Members of the Steering Committee, above, are also Affiliate Faculty.

Dr. Chris Cameron, History

Research and teaching interests: Early American History; African American Religion; Slavery and Abolition; American Religious and Intellectual History; African American Freethought

Dr. Eric Hoenes del Pinal, Religious Studies and Latin American Studies

Research and teaching interests: Indigenous people of Latin America; Post-war Guatemala; global Christianity; the politics of language; religion and ritual

Dr. Oscar de la Torre, Africana Studies

Research and teaching interests: African Diaspora in Latin America (slavery; maroons, or runaway slaves; post-emancipation period; oral history); History of Brazil, Amazonia, and Cuba (19th and 20thcentury); Environmental Studies (commodity history, labor and environment); Atlantic World History (slavery, revolution)

Dr. Erika Edwards, History and Latin American Studies

Research and teaching interests: Atlantic History, African Diaspora, Latin America, Argentina, State-Formation, Sexuality, Marriage, Gender, Education, Motherhood

Dr. Catherine Fuentes, Anthropology

Research and teaching interests: Health and well-being of incarcerated women, domestic violence, violence cross-culturally, medical anthropology

Dr. Susanne Gomoluch, Languages and Culture Studies

Research and teaching interests: 18th- and 19th-century German literature and thought; Literature and Science, in particular psychology and medicine; Discourses on the creative imagination (Einbildungskraft) in literature, science, and philosophy; Travel Literature; Translation; Language Teaching and Pedagogy; The Holocaust in literature and film

Dr. James A. Grymes, Chair, Department of Music

Research and teaching interests: Musicology; modern Hungarian music, in particular the life and work of Ernst von Dohnányi; Music Education; Author of 2014 book Violins of Hope: Instruments of Hope and Liberation in Mankind’s Darkest Hour (Violins of the Holocaust)

Dr. Eric Hoenes, Religious Studies

Research and teaching interests: Religion and culture; ethnography of religion; language and communication

Dr. Charles Houck, Global Studies

Research and teaching interests: Globalization & resistance; Precolumbian states of Mesoamerica; settlement patterns in Yucatan, Mexico, and the political, economic and ecological factors that shaped this and other Maya polities; indigenous resistance to colonialism

Dr. Oscar Lansen, History

Research and teaching interests: Social History of War and Conflict; The Holocaust; History and Honors Methodology; History Pedagogy

Dr. Janaka Lewis, Director, WGST (Womens's & Gender Studies) and English

Research and teaching interests: 19th century African American literature, African American women writers, black feminist theory

Dr. Jill Massino, History

Research and teaching interests: Romania, Eastern Europe, Modern Europe, The Cold War, Gender, the Global South, Cultural History, Memory, Socialism and postsocialism

Dr. Elisabeth Paquette, Philosophy and WGST (Womens's & Gender Studies) 

Research and teaching interests: Feminist theory, political philosophy, 19th and 20th century philosophy

Dr. Andrea Pitts, Philosophy

Research and teaching interests: Feminist Philosophy; Philosophy of Race; Latin American and U.S. Latina/o Philosophy; Social Epistemology; Decolonial and Postcolonial Studies

Prof. Bianca Potrykus, Languages and Culture Studies

Research and teaching interests: Second Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, Globalisation and Superdiversity, Critical Discourse Analysis, (Im)politenessTheory, German modern history and migrations, Language and Film of the Holocaust

Dr. Ritika Prasad, History

Research and teaching interests: South Asian history; history of technology; technology and society; colonial and imperial history, nationalism and decolonization; Subaltern history; postcolonial theory

Dr. Carmen Soliz, History and Latin American Studies

Research and teaching interests: Social history of Latin America, especially Bolivia and the Andes; peasant politics, agrarian reform, rural state formation, nation building, citizenship and social movements in Latin America

Dr. Gabriella Tarazona-Sevillano, Political Science and Public Administration, HGHR Studies, Global Studies

Research and teaching interests: As an international lawyer her research interests focuses on the role of international law in domestic and international armed conflict. She teaches international human rights courses focusing on the role of law. Among her current topics are protections of civilian populations in times of war, refugees, challenges of human trafficking, and protections of children, among others. 

Dr. Barbara Thiede, Religious Studies

Research and teaching interests: Hebrew Bible, Jewish history and spirituality, the history of European antisemitism, and Jewish magic

Dr. Beth Whitaker, Political Science and Public Administration

Research and teaching interests: African Politics, African International Relations, US-African Relations, Africa and the "War on Terror." Refugee Policy