Dalsheim, Joyce

Dalsheim, Joyce
Assistant Professor of International Studies
Hickory 24A
Discipline: Cultural Anthropology
Areas of expertise: Nationalism, religion & the secular, conflict, primarily in Israel/Palestine

Joyce Dalsheim is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on nationalism, religion and the secular, and conflict in Israel/Palestine. She is the author of Unsettling Gaza: Secular Liberalism, Radical Religion, and the Israeli Settlement Project (Oxford University Press, 2011), which stemmed from her fieldwork among religiously motivated Jewish settlers in Israeli-occupied territories.

She recently completed her second manuscript, Producing Spoilers: Peacemaking and the Production of Enmity in a Secular Age (Oxford University Press, 2014), which looks at Israelis and Palestinians working together to promote peaceful coexistence. Dr. Dalsheim serves as Associate Editor of the Review of Middle East Studies.