Huma Ibrahim

Dr. Huma Ibrahim
Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Huma Ibrahim got her Ph.D. in English from Indiana University and a Post Doctoral certificate from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Her publications and research emphasize her enduring interest in African and South Asian Anglophone Literatures as they represent postcolonial, feminist and capitalist critiques. Her first book published by Univ of Virginia Press was Bessie Head: Subversive Identities in Exile (1996), Her second, Emerging Perspectives on Bessie Head (2004) followed by her third, The Epistemology of Colonial/Postcolonial Violence in 2015 by African World Press. Her latest book, The Other Body: Sexuality, Spectacle Silence is going to be in print by June 2020. She has contributed to several anthologies as well as articles in journals prominent in her field: Research in African Literatures, Journal of the African Literature Association and Ariel. She has also contributed to the Encyclopedia of African Literature.

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