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What is International Studies?

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program within the Department of Global, International & Area Studies of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  It is designed to enable students to understand societies outside the United States in the context of an increasingly interdependent world.  By integrating courses that address an array of issues and challenges affecting people across the globe, International Studies provides students with multiple viewpoints and perspectives.  It also offers opportunities for an international experience and for advanced study of a foreign language.  International Studies majors and minors may be eligible for the university‚Äôs Fowler International Scholarship and for financial assistance in conjunction with their education abroad experience.

What Can I Do With International Studies?

International Studies is of particular value to those with career objectives in government, law, journalism, teaching, business trade or military service. It also serves those who will seek employment with international organizations such as the United Nations or with non-governmental agencies with an international or cross-cultural focus. Students may consider International Studies as their exclusive major or as a second major to enhance their preparation for other types of careers with an international dimension.

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